Magazine Spread InDesign Project


Process: I started off with the layout being white and pink, but it felt a bit too basic. To make it more visually appealing I changed the color scheme to be a bit more bold. I also wanted to increase the flow of the image, so I broke up the title to bring the eye throughout the spread. I also changed the font to help them to contrast more. I feel that these changes made the look a bit more appealing. I remember whenever I read magazines I want something that grabs my attention, and I feel that these changes did that for me. The audience are youth who are struggling with their siblings. They can learn the possibility to improve the relationships they have, or have hope that one day it will occur.

Critique: I critiqued Roxanna Peterson and Ashley Whitlock . Roxanna Peterson and Kelsey Mason McClellan critiqued mine. Roxanna really helped me to learn how to place my images into squares so that they fit perfectly. She also told me to divide my text to make it more visually appealing. Kelsey gave me the idea to wrap my text around the images. These suggestions really helped me to develop my image and change the feel of the layout.

Fonts: Chantal (decorative), Bodoni 72 (Serif)

Photos: Personal

Colors: Black, White, Teal.


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