Web Page Layout Project

11A-GodownChelsie11A-ShapeMap-GodownChelsieFullSizeRender 3

Process: Well as instructed I started with sketches. I wasn’t quite sure what web page I wanted to do, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how much time I spend on blogs. I decided I would design my own blog. My audience was those who wanted relaxed Californian vibes in their outfit choices, and I feel it was translated well in the text and the color scheme. Once I decided upon that I thought about my format. After studying various blogs I got inspired and wanted to do something a bit different than most blogs with multiple posts on one page. It is something I really like, but most bloggers shy away from after developing a bit more. Once finishing my sketch I moved onto photoshop. I knew I wanted a pretty neutral and classic color scheme, so from there I just created the boxes to fill in. My pictures and info about them changed sides in Photoshop because I realized people read left to right so there should be a picture to draw them in first. I also changed the quote with the navigation bar just due to preference in aesthetics.

Critique: I critiqued Katie Lyn Meadows and Kip Robinson. My Layout was posted too late, and didn’t receive feedback. I realize this was a missed opportunity, so I asked a friend who took the class before to give me a critique, and they told me to edit the photos I used, and make sure the alignment was right. I feel like those corrections helped a lot in the overall product.

Images: all my own, except for the social media symbols. Those are from google.

Font: Chantal (decorative), Noelan (Script), Avenir (Sans-Seriff)

Color Scheme: White, Black, Pastel Pink


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