Photographic Study Project


This project was a really fun way to learn to use photoshop. There is still a ton to learn, but this was a good start for me. I wanted to take pictures of my perfume bottle because it had a really fun shape to it, and could look different from a bunch of different angles.


I love the vantage point in this one.


Cool view from the top 🙂


Fun side angle.


Another side.


Process: Taking the photos was really fun. I had more fun editing them than taking them actually. The process was a bit slow re-learning all of the tools in Lightroom and Photoshop, but was a cool process. My audience are women looking to buy perfume (is it just me who buys perfume for the bottles sometimes? haha). For my collage I really wanted to focus on the top of the bottle for the differing sizes and the complexity of it, so most of the pictures highlight that. I liked how the font on the collage highlighted the playfulness of the bottle.

Critique: I critiqued Kelsey-Mason McClellan and Roxanna Peterson. My critiques was very helpful. Originally the borders on my collage were white, and the font was blue. After Kori Buttorff suggested trying a black background and another font color I changed it. I really like it a lot more now. Then Sofia A. and Kelsey McClellan suggested that I lighten the Bottom left image to make the pictures more coherent. I agree that it looks so much better now.


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