Social Media Marketing Project

Company: Doordash
Objective: Create brand awareness for a food delivery company.
Strategy: Create an infographic that will show them how Doordash works, and the steps to use it.


Doordash is a food delivery company where you can order food online or through an app to have your food delivered to you. Many people don’t really know about Doordash, or how it is used. For this reason I created an infographic to explain the process. My audience was the people who want food, other than normal delivery food, brought to them. I wanted to make it clean and easy to read, so I left it pretty simple so that most people could understand it. I even included screenshots to add a visual element of understanding.

Process: I used a template on Piktochart to create this image. I followed the basic layout, and changed the whole color scheme and picture layout. I tried to keep with the aesthetics of the company to keep with the brand they already have. The scheme is red, white, and a bit of black. I changed a lot of the formatting and used different shapes that they did not have laid out.

Critique: I reviewed Joseph Devincenzi and Kevin Erickson. I received critiques from Emerald Hunsaker and Joseph Devincenzi. Both gave some really great suggestions of shortening the infographic and Making it have less information on steps 3 and 4. I really like the suggestions, and I deleted one of the sections that I had to simplify it a bit more.



Laptop: from the template on Piktochart haha

Screenshots: Taken from my own phone using the app.

Man with delivery:

Fonts used: Futura (Sans-Serif) {body}, League Gothic (decorative) {titles}


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