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I am writing this for the lifestyle section of the New Era. I would like to be able to help the young adults learn that sometimes it isn’t all me, but it is us and Heavenly Father. I think that humility is a hard thing to learn at our age, and my stories are relevant to the your ages of 16-20.

Story: Humility clears the Storm

Many times in my life I have been given the chance to learn about humility. It is funny actually how one could want the attribute of humility, pray for it, and then realize it wasn’t quite what they wanted. I have made this wonderful mistake many times in my life, and they are normally those days where you had a really good lesson that day about humility and think it is something you want.

One of the first times this happened was my freshman year of high school. It was around spring time when sports try-outs were, and coincidentally when we had a lesson in seminary on the attributes of Christ. I went home that day and prayed for humility. About a week later I had try-outs for the track & field team, and later found that I did not make the team. It was a world crushing thing at the time, but it taught me to come to my father in Heaven and get to know his plan for me a bit more. Over the next year I had so many experiences in the the church that wouldn’t have been possible without not making the team. I learned how to work so much harder for the things I wanted, and the next year I made the team. Sometimes we need to wait to learn lessons that will prepare us for the future.

Fast forward four years, and I was in my Freshman year of college. I was very stubborn, and had my own plan for how my life would turn out. I would finish college in four years and find a guy to marry in my last semester with a promising future for us both. Little did I understand that all of the lessons given in church on missionary work were for me. Every time I would hear a lesson I would zone out, but the spirit would come into my mind that I should consider serving a mission. I kept hardening my heart for a year and a half, until I got a roommate that was preparing to serve a mission and would drag me along for her mission prep classes. Little by little she would change my mind about a mission. About half way through the semester I visited my aunt in Utah where she was talking to me about the mission that she served. At one point she looked at me and said, “Chelsie have you considered serving a mission before? We would love to help you go on one…”. My heart burned intensely and I could not deny the Lord telling me to go on a mission any longer. About 6 months later I was in the Mexico City MTC. The humility I gained was gradual in this situation, and such a blessing.

Many instances we don’t want to accept or don’t recognize the lessons on humility our Heavenly Father is sending. Just like rainstorms, it is easier to see the rainbow after the clouds have cleared; we can see our lessons learned after they are over. God has a plan, and I testify it to be true.





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