Slide designs

Speaker’s Outline

The 6 B’s are ways that we can become our best selves

  • Loved these as a kid
  • They were easy to remember

Be grateful

  • the world teaches
  • we learn to find the small things
  • intercorrelated

Be Grateful

  • Bland man v. rich man

Be Smart

  • riches of heaven

Be True

  • kid in a candy store

Be Clean

  • purity and innocence
  • hard to find

Be Humble

  • not easy

Be Prayerful

  • Best way to combine all of the above

Simplicity is the easiest way to happiness


I knew instantly that I wanted to do this talk, but the struggle was finding images. Once I decided that I wanted the theme to be simplicity it was easy to go from there. I had a struggle searching for images that met my criteria, but stumbles across some black and white ones and that was the look I knew I needed for my message. Some of the images I had to put a filter over to give me the black and white. Then the yellow color for the circles was inspired by Hinckley’s talk because a nickname for it is the BEEattitudes.


Critique Report

I critiqued Jessica Ferrell and Tanner Sowa. I submitted my work to be critiqued in the video and was given the advice to align my words better (in closer proximity), and to face the images so that the eye is directed to the words. Ashlee Dean also gave me the idea to make the “be” positioned closer to the attribute and larger. While I kept the “be” at the same size I did move it closer in proximity to the attribute. I felt that the focus should be kept on the attribute, therefore I left the “be” the same size. Martha Hicks also told me to make the positioning of the circles consistent on each slide, which I put into effect as well.


Link to talk:here

Images used: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Fonts: Bodoni 72 & iced tea


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