4 Principles that Guide





These are the 4 basic principles of design. Below you will find a picture that represents these 4 principles, and I will explain why.


This is a very simple design, but you can find all 4 principles here.

  1. Alignment: the eye is drawn to one place first thanks to this principle. The eye is directly drawn to the word “smile” thanks to the offset alignment. The alignment of the circles also unify the piece.
  2. Proximity: by the closeness of the circles to each other you can tell that they are organized together, and are meant to be together.
  3. Contrast: the colors of yellow and blue are meant to contrast one another. You can tell that the circles are grouped in two different groups thanks to the contrast in the colors. You can also have your eye drawn to different parts of the piece thanks to the contrast.
  4. Repetition: You can see this in the repetition of the circles. The unity is strengthened through the various circles.

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